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  I have been working with words most of my life, one way or another. I was for many years a writer-director-producer of documentary films as well as theatrical short subjects. I won two Academy Award Nominations, the Special Prize of the Jury at the Cannes International Film Festival, the Silver Medal at the Venice Festival, plus 72 other national and international awards.

     There were also quotes like, " . . . achievements of which the non-theatrical movie world can well be proud," (The New York Times) and, "Davidson has here turned a commercial assignment into an artistic achievement." (Film News)

    As time went on, more and more of the documentaries turned out to be doctor oriented (for example, "Proctosigmoidoscopy in the Physician's Office," produced for the American Cancer Society, or "The Real Problem with Pain," for Janssen Pharmaceutica).

     Hence my eventual transition into medical editing, at which I've also spent a good many years by this time.

     Besides that, four nonmedical books I wrote are now in print, and others I've edited have been published by Random House, Scribner's, Dell Publishing, Scholastic Inc, Henry Holt, Enslow Publishers, and Four Winds Press.

     As I say, I've been working with words most of my life. And loving every one of them.

Specifics of the
Editing Process