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     I work with a client's copy line by line until it does exactly what it's intended to do: present a complex subject so clearly that it seems simple, even to someone in a totally different specialty. Editing like this goes far beyond the mere checking of punctuation and syntax. It involves intense consideration of how each word affects every other word in a sentence, and how each sentence affects the whole.

     I also examine the structure of an article, the overall progression of ideas. I make sure that the transitions flow naturally, that the reader is given enough background to grasp the concept being discussed, that no vital point is buried in the middle of a paragraph somewhere.

     Equally important, I tailor a manuscript to the precise editorial and compositional style of the publication to which it will be submitted. (Each one has its own particular requirements, and is extremely apt to reject out of hand any copy that does not conform word for word.)

     In short, I specialize in getting my clients' work published. And published, what's more, in the exact journal or book that will most advance their specific career goals.

Specifics of the
Editing Process